Exaggerator 2013, USA

Curlin (Smart Strike) out of Dawn Raid by Vindication
Colt Dark Bay 8 yo - February 5, 2013

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CD Today 12:45 MclMcl 1700m Musk C. Lanerie Dale L. Romans Trade Winds Farm
CT Today 22:02 AlwAlw 900m Stretch the Truth J. Acosta Claudio A. Gonzalez Danny Chen J.
LAD Today 16:29 ClmClm 1300m Perfect Mistake E. Nieves Tim Dixon Ricky Smith G.
CD Today 14:13 MclMcl 1600m Clearly Smashing M. Mena Glenn S. Wismer Novogratz Racing Stables Inc.
BEL Today 13:37 MclMcl 1600m Humpday M. Franco Raymond Handal KimDon Racing, LLC
GP Today 14:32 MclMcl 1000m Fior Di Latte G. Martinez Antonio Sano Cairoli Racing Stable and Magic Stables LLC
GP 16may2116May21 14:22 MclMcl 1200m Overstated H. Berrios Michael S. Morrison Julio Tapahuasco E.
CD 16may2116May21 16:55 MswMsw 1600m Emphasize F. Geroux H. G. Motion Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners
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PRM 14may2114May21 ClmClm 1200m Bee Exxtravagant
K. Roman Riley Parsons Annette Bishop
GP 14may2114May21 MclMcl 1800m Mr. Einstein
R. Maragh Peter Wasiluk, Jr. Wasiluk, Jr., Sharyn and Peter
LS 14may2114May21 MclMcl 1200m Hunky Dunn
R. Gutierrez Austin Gustafson Dream Walkin Farms, Inc.
CD 13may2113May21 ClmClm 1200m Shades of Truth
J. Graham Thomas M. Amoss Maggi Moss
CD 13may2113May21 MswMsw 1800m Eyes On Target
F. Geroux William I. Mott James Karp S.
IND 13may2113May21 MclMcl 1000m Venice Beach
A. Ulloa Genaro Garcia Southwest Racing Stables Inc.
PIM 13may2113May21 MclMcl 1700m Sheriff's Kid
V. Carrasco Michael J. Trombetta Higgins & Bowman Stable
CMR 13may2113May21 MclMcl 1400m Blessing Too
N. Figueroa Ricardo Negron Establo Moderniza
LS 13may2113May21 ClmClm 1500m Revelator
S. Elliott Steven M. Asmussen Calumet Farm 10°
EVD 12may2112May21 MclMcl 1500m Paytonsattheplate
C. Marquez Howard Alonzo J. Patrick Lee Racing LLC
GP 9may219May21 MswMsw 1600m Flashy Too
R. Maragh Lisa L. Lewis Equivine Farm and Phil's Racing Stable LLC
GP 9may219May21 MclMcl 1600m Exaggerated Moment
L. Reyes Enrique Amado EAC Racing Stable, LLC
GP 9may219May21 MclMcl 1000m Torn Jeans
P. Lopez Cheryl Winebaugh KEM Stables
BEL 9may219May21 MswMsw 1000m Akedah M. Franco James K. Chapman Tritan Biddinger
BEL 8may218May21 AlwAlw 1200m Herald Angel
I. Ortiz, Michael J. Maker Three Diamonds Farm
CD 8may218May21 AlwAlw 1700m Director's Cut
F. Geroux Mark E. Casse Gary Barber
BEL 7may217May21 StrStr 1600m Rose E Holiday
L. Saez James T. Ryerson Anthony Perri M.
PRM 7may217May21 MswMsw 1200m Nasty Exaggerator
K. Tohill Doug L. Anderson Mercy Man Racing
CD 6may216May21 ClmClm 1600m Dramatizer
R. Bejarano Paul J. McGee Fourth Turn Stable, LLC
FL 5may215May21 MswMsw 1650m Smart Tee
S. Cardona Dylan Clarke Bing Cherry Racing, Inc.
LAD 4may214May21 ClmClm 1700m No Exaggeration
A. Castillo Sarah Delany BMS Racing Stable (Sarah Delany)
PRX 4may214May21 SocSoc 1600m Explain F. Pennington Robert Mosco Richard Ciavardone
LAD 3may213May21 ClmClm 1600m Perfect Mistake G. Mora Tim Dixon Ricky Smith G.
IND 3may213May21 MswMsw 1000m Venice Beach
A. Ulloa Genaro Garcia Southwest Racing Stables Inc.
PRX 3may213May21 AocAoc 1400m Butter Pecan
J. Laprida Carlos A. Mancilla Michael Scheffres
CMR 2may212May21 ClmClm 1600m Exagerado
E. Castro Victor Garcia Orozco Denian Stable
TAM 2may212May21 MclMcl 1200m Mr. Einstein
A. Gallardo Peter Wasiluk, Jr. Wasiluk, Jr., Sharyn and Peter
TAM 2may212May21 MswMsw 1000m Grunder R. Mena Chad J. Stewart Chad Stewart J.
PRM 1may211May21 MswMsw 1000m Campfire Tales
G. Corbett Jon G. Arnett NBS Stable
BEL 1may211May21 MclMcl 1700m Emma and I
E. Zayas James T. Ryerson Cammarota Racing LLC
PIM 1may211May21 ClmClm 1700m Ghost Stalker
J. Rosado Richard P. Sillaman Herman M. Braude
CMR 30apr2130Apr21 MclMcl 1600m Blessing Too
A. Rodriguez Jose D. Velez Establo Moderniza
GG 30apr2130Apr21 MclMcl 1600m Equivocator
I. Orozco Quinn Howey Decker Racing, Decker, Mark, Howey, Quinn and Selby, Jay
SA 30apr2130Apr21 MclMcl 1600m Exalted Joy
A. Cedillo Michael W. McCarthy Warren, Andrew and Warren, Jr., William K.
BEL 30apr2130Apr21 MclMcl 1700m Humpday M. Franco Raymond Handal KimDon Racing, LLC
GP 30apr2130Apr21 MclMcl 1700m Maybe After Later
R. Maragh Jessica J. Campitelli Patrick Hoppel H.
GP 29apr2129Apr21 MclMcl 1400m Party Swagger
M. Pino Michael Lerman Bradley, Mike and Schmeling, Mike
OP 29apr2129Apr21 SocSoc 1200m Clearly Mad
M. Garcia Randy L. Morse Little Blue Bird Stables LLC
PEN 28apr2128Apr21 MclMcl 1100m Kirk's Girl
M. Inirio Juan C. Guerrero Joseph E. Besecker
FL 26apr2126Apr21 MclMcl 900m Delaware Destiny
J. Davila, Jr. Chris J. Englehart The Elkstone Group, LLC (Stuart Grant)
PIM 24apr2124Apr21 ClmClm 1700m Ghost Stalker
F. Lynch George Weaver R. A. Hill Stable and Gatsas Stables
CD 24apr2124Apr21 MclMcl 1700m Musk J. Talamo Dale L. Romans Trade Winds Farm
OP 24apr2124Apr21 1200m Gagetown D. Cabrera Brad H. Cox Rupp Racing
GG 24apr2124Apr21 1700m A Real Hero
T. Baze Michael W. McCarthy Andrew Warren
KEE 23apr2123Apr21 AlwAlw 1800m Crew Dragon
L. Saez William I. Mott Kinsman Stable
PIM 23apr2123Apr21 ClmClm 1100m Stretch the Truth J. Hiraldo Claudio A. Gonzalez Danny Chen J.
GP 23apr2123Apr21 MclMcl 1500m Alexandra Am I
A. Arroyo Antonio Sano Alexandres, LLC
PIM 23apr2123Apr21 WmcWmc 1200m Likely Choice
S. Russell Kelly Rubley Karmac Stable LLC
LS 23apr2123Apr21 ClmClm 1600m No Exaggeration
K. Kellenberger Sarah Delany BMS Racing Stable (Sarah Delany)
GP 22apr2122Apr21 MclMcl 1500m Indoctrinate
M. Vasquez Mark E. Casse Gabe Grossberg
LS 22apr2122Apr21 MclMcl 1500m Revelator
S. Elliott Steven M. Asmussen Calumet Farm
KEE 21apr2121Apr21 MswMsw 1600m Emphasize J. Velazquez H. G. Motion Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners
IND 20apr2120Apr21 AlwAlw 1200m Shades of Truth
J. Bridgmohan Thomas M. Amoss Maggi Moss
AQU 18apr2118Apr21 MswMsw 1600m My Brother Neil
E. Cancel John T. Toscano, Jr. Bran Jam Stable and Clark, David W.
GP 18apr2118Apr21 MswMsw 1200m Torn Jeans
J. Morelos Cheryl Winebaugh KEM Stables
KEE 16apr2116Apr21 ClmClm 1700m Xtrema F. Geroux Matt A. Shirer Ten Strike Racing
DED 16apr2116Apr21 AlwAlw 1400m Lode of Blarney
E. Nieves Dane Noel Noel's Racing Stable
CMR 15apr2115Apr21 ClmClm 1600m Exagerado
E. Castro Victor Garcia Orozco Denian Stable
Xtrema, 18, h (Seeking the Gold): 2cs. 3° My Trusty Cat S., 4° Pocahontas S. (G3), Runhappy Debutante S..
Gagetown, 18, m (Eltish): Ganador. 2° Animal Kingdom S., Sugar Bowl S., 4° Bachelor S..
Color of Dawn, 18, h (Tiz Wonderful): Ganadora. 2° My Trusty Cat S..
Crew Dragon, 18, m (Malibu Moon): Ganador. 2° Columbia S..
Director's Cut, 18, h (Dynaformer): Ganadora. 2° Sharp Susan S..
Perfect Mistake, 18, m (Stravinsky): Ganador. 3° Runhappy Juvenile S..
A Real Hero, 18, h (Rockport Harbor): Ganadora. 4° Arizona Oaks.
Shades of Truth, 18, h (Lion Heart): 2cs.
Yellowstone Girl, 18, h (Distorted Humor): 2cs.
Lode of Blarney, 18, m (Silver Deputy): 2cs.
No Exaggeration, 18, m (Stevie Wonderboy): 2cs.
Ghost Stalker, 18, m (Ghostzapper): Ganador.
Herald Angel, 18, h (Harlan's Holiday): Ganadora.
Supply and Demand, 18, m (Include): Ganador.
Dramatizer, 18, h (Stormy Atlantic): Ganadora.
Rose E Holiday, 18, h (Harlan's Holiday): Ganadora.
Stretch the Truth, 18, m (Boston Harbor): Ganador.
Indoctrinate, 18, m (Street Sense): Ganador.
Nutsie, 18, m (Officer): Ganador.
Explain, 18, m (Tiger Ridge): Ganador.
Campfire Tales, 18, h (Forestry): Ganadora.
Clearly Mad, 18, m (Pure Prize): Ganador.
Exxtop, 18, m (Salt Lake): Ganador.
Citadel, 18, m (Dixie Union): Ganador.
Expurgated, 18, h (Awesome Again): Ganadora.
Statistical data since 2005 in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay. Brazil since 2016, United States, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and Jamaica since 2018.
Horse Earnings
3y, H USD $698
Remain Calm
3y, C USD $289
IE 365
Horse CC IE(%)
Emphasize 3y, M 2 8,4
Horse Broodmare Sire Result
Gagetown 3y, M , Pl.S.á. Eltish 2° Aoc ( 16Jan2116Jan21, 11.000, 1 1/16m, 01.45.62, FGFair Grounds )
3° Aoc ( 13Feb2113Feb21, 6.600, 1 1/16m, 01.44.83, FGFair Grounds )
A Real Hero
3y, H , Pl.S.á. Rockport Harbor 4° Cl, Arizona Oaks ( 12Mar2112Mar21, 2.425, 1m, 01.38.75, TUPTurf Paradise )
1° Msw ( 15Feb2115Feb21, 18.000, 1 1/16m, 01.46.67, GGGolden Gate Fields )
Crew Dragon
3y, M , Pl.S.á. Malibu Moon 2° Cl, Columbia S. ( 6Mar216Mar21, 15.000, 1m, 01.33.72, TAMTampa Bay Downs )
1° Msw ( 31Jan2131Jan21, 24.000, 1 1/8m, 01.47.68, GPGulfstream Park )
Color of Dawn
3y, H , Pl.S.á. Tiz Wonderful 2° Cl, My Trusty Cat S. ( 1Dec201Dec20, 20.000, 7f, 01.27.35, DEDDelta Downs )
1° Msw ( 23Oct2023Oct20, 42.000, 6f, 01.12.14, KEEKeeneland )
Xtrema 3y, H , Pl.S.á.G3. Seeking the Gold 3° Soc ( 25Feb2125Feb21, 2.640, 1m, 01.39.78, FGFair Grounds )
4° Aoc ( 5Feb215Feb21, 3.060, 1m, 01.42.47, FGFair Grounds )
Director's Cut
3y, H , Pl.S.á. Dynaformer 2° Aoc ( 10Jan2110Jan21, 8.800, 1 1/16m, 01.42.57, GPGulfstream Park )
2° Cl, Sharp Susan S. ( 29Aug2029Aug20, 14.400, 1m, 01.35.03, GPGulfstream Park )
Perfect Mistake 3y, M , Pl.S.á. Stravinsky 3° Cl, Runhappy Juvenile S. ( 9Aug209Aug20, 9.925, 7f, 01.23.95, ELPEllis Park )
1° Msw ( 18Jun2018Jun20, 18.600, 4 1/2f, 00.54.94, INDIndiana Grand Race Course )
Shades of Truth
3y, H , Win. Lion Heart 2° Mcl ( 23Oct2023Oct20, 8.400, 6f, 01.10.98, KEEKeeneland )
1° Msw ( 26Feb2126Feb21, 33.000, 6f, 01.11.18, FGFair Grounds )
No Exaggeration
3y, M , Win. Stevie Wonderboy 1° Mcl ( 16Dec2016Dec20, 9.000, 1 1/16m, 01.47.58, FGFair Grounds )
1° Clm ( 4May214May21, 5.100, 1 1/16m, 01.44.92, LADLouisiana Downs )
Campfire Tales
3y, H , Win. Forestry 1° Msw ( 1May211May21, 23.760, 5f, 01.00.69, PRMPrairie Meadows )
2° Msw ( 21Jun2021Jun20, 8.289, 2f, 00.21.29, PRMPrairie Meadows )