Goldencents 2010, USA

Into Mischief (Harlan's Holiday) out of Golden Works by Banker's Gold
Colt Bay 10 yo - March 7, 2010

Ganador of 7cs. and 7figs., Delta Downs Jackpot S. (G3), Breeders Cup Dirt Mile (G1), Breeders Cup Dirt Mile (G1), Santa Anita Derby (G1), Pat OBrien S. (G2), Sham S. (G3). 2° Metropolitan H. (G1), Foxwoods Champagne S. (G1), Bing Crosby S. (G1), Bing Crosby...

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SA Today 15:09 MclMcl 1100m Golden Melodie H. Figueroa Craig A. Lewis Six-S Racing Stable and Barron, Shirley A.
GG 30may2030May20 15:22 ClmClm 1600m Hardsense F. Duran Tim McCanna Horseplayers Racing Club, McCanna, Tim and Sather, Kevin
GG 30may2030May20 15:53 AocAoc 1200m Pearl Dragon J. Couton Dan L. Markle Peerenboom-Bowyer Racing Stables, LLC
CD 30may2030May20 17:12 AocAoc 1100m Bingwa G. Corrales Wesley A. Ward Lyster, Wayne G., Bryan and Gray
CT 30may2030May20 22:00 ClmClm 1400m Golden Chance C. Delgado Lawrence M. Smith Hickory Made Stables and Lengel, David R.
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GP 28may2028May20 MswMsw 1700m Amadora E. Jaramillo Brendan P. Walsh Claim To Fame Stable
TAM 27may2027May20 MswMsw 1600m Baby Girl
J. Batista J. K. Sweezey Michael Stinson C.
SA 25may2025May20 MswMsw 900m Dyn O Mite
F. Prat J. K. Desormeaux Brad Allshouse
SA 25may2025May20 AocAoc 1100m Torosay A. Cedillo Doug F. O'Neill W.C. Racing Inc.
GP 25may2025May20 MclMcl 1600m Gravel Gertie
C. Torres Emmet Jolley Force of Nature Farms and Jolley, Emmet
LS 24may2024May20 AlwAlw 1000m Empire of Gold
R. Eramia Terry Eoff Evans, Johnny B. and Eoff, Terry
LS 24may2024May20 AlwAlw 1000m Gold Speed Go
L. Luzzi Danny Pish Speed Racing 2018, LLC
SA 23may2023May20 G3G3 1100m Wildman Jack
M. Smith Doug F. O'Neill W.C. Racing Inc.
CD 23may2023May20 MclMcl 1400m Golden Notion
J. Rosario Brad H. Cox 4 G Racing, LLC and Ortyl, Ronald
GG 23may2023May20 AlwAlw 1700m Fairy Tale Bliss
F. Monroy Sergio Ledezma MNM Thoroughbreds, LLC, Carlin, Michael, Marsh, Tom, MacDonald, Mary T. and Radigan, Richard
GG 23may2023May20 ClmClm 1100m Diction J. Couton Dan L. Markle Peerenboom-Bowyer Racing Stables, LLC
CD 23may2023May20 1600m Mr. Money
G. Saez W. B. Calhoun Allied Racing Stable, LLC and Spendthrift Farm LLC
SA 23may2023May20 MswMsw 1100m Big Cheddar
T. Pereira Doug F. O'Neill Sayjay Racing LLC
LS 22may2022May20 ClmClm 1000m Bano Solo
S. Elliott Steven M. Asmussen Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC
SA 22may2022May20 ClmClm 1200m Music to My Ears
U. Rispoli Brian J. Koriner Jay Em Ess Stable
LS 22may2022May20 MswMsw 1500m Gold Included
J. Bridgmohan Nathan Wallis Caraman, Michael and Walker, Mark
GP 22may2022May20 ClmClm 1400m Golden Chance J. Trejos Teresa Connelly Smith, Lawrence M. and Lengel, David R.
LS 22may2022May20 MclMcl 1100m Gumwrapper
I. Diego Carl J. Deville Jerry Caroom
SA 22may2022May20 ClmClm 1200m Overkoter
V. Flores Charles S. Treece Andrews, Andy and Martindale, Ken 10°
GP 22may2022May20 MclMcl 1000m Jaxon's Goldie
E. Prado Robert B. Hess, Jr. Lambert, Jeffrey and Mueller, Martin 10°
CT 21may2021May20 AlwAlw 1300m Out of Cents
A. Bocachica Jeff C. Runco Coleswood Farm, Inc. and G L M Stables
CD 21may2021May20 AocAoc 1100m Devils Dance
P. Lopez Robert B. Hess, Jr. Six-S Racing Stable
TAM 20may2020May20 ClmClm 1700m No Cents Left
D. Centeno Anthony J. Granitz Meek, Terry and OKelly, Rod
WRD 19may2019May20 MclMcl 1000m My Password
F. Wethey, Jr. Scott E. Young Center Hills Farm (Thomas W. Center)
GP 17may2017May20 ClmClm 1000m Holly Hill
E. Zayas Shamir Maragh Charade Prime
SA 17may2017May20 MswMsw 900m Miss Glorious
A. Cedillo Andrew Lerner Klein, Alan Phillip and Lebherz, Philip
GP 17may2017May20 AocAoc 1000m Towa R. Maragh Allen Iwinski PVC Stables LLC and Allen Iwinski LLC
CD 17may2017May20 AocAoc 1400m Juggernaut
M. Murrill J. K. Desormeaux Big Chief Racing, LLC and Rocker O Ranch, LLC
CD 17may2017May20 AlwAlw 1600m Glamour Gal
S. Doyle Christopher Davis Gary Broad 11°
GG 16may2016May20 MclMcl 1700m Golden Goddess
J. Espinoza Angelo Tekos, Jr. Brown, Richard and Halasz, Thomas
CD 16may2016May20 ClmClm 1400m Smile Bryan
J. Rosario H. G. Motion Staghawk Stables
GP 16may2016May20 AocAoc 1600m Golden Candy
V. Lebron Anthony Pecoraro A. Delaperriere Stables, LLC
SA 16may2016May20 MclMcl 1200m Royal Aspirations
A. Delgadillo Jeff Mullins Super Horse, Inc. 10°
SA 15may2015May20 MclMcl 1200m Golden Melodie H. Figueroa Craig A. Lewis Six-S Racing Stable and Barron, Shirley A.
GP 15may2015May20 MclMcl 1000m Super Intense
H. Berrios Amador M. Sanchez Super Super Stable
SA 15may2015May20 AocAoc 1600m Madame Bourbon
D. Van Dyke Mark Glatt Red Baron's Barn LLC, Rancho Temescal LLC and Bannasch, Linear
GP 14may2014May20 MclMcl 1000m Platinumcents
E. Jaramillo Armando De La Cerda Palmer, Teresa and David W.
WRD 13may2013May20 MswMsw 1200m Polarcents
J. Medina Shea Stuart Ulwelling, Al and Bill
WRD 12may2012May20 MclMcl 1600m Lil' Shopper
D. Cabrera Edward R. Ruiz Woodall, David and Woodall, Karen
FON 12may2012May20 MclMcl 800m Itybityquikasakity
S. Bethke Isai V. Gonzalez Adriel Gonzalez
FON 11may2011May20 AlwAlw 1200m Doby J. Journet Stetson Mitchell Donna Eaton
WRD 4may204May20 MclMcl 1200m My Password
F. Wethey, Jr. Scott E. Young Center Hills Farm (Thomas W. Center)
TAM 3may203May20 ClmClm 1600m No Cents Left
A. Suarez Anthony J. Granitz Meek, Terry and OKelly, Rod
OP 2may202May20 G2G2 1800m By My Standards G. Saez W. B. Calhoun Allied Racing Stable, LLC
OP 2may202May20 AocAoc 1700m Ain't No Elmers
J. Talamo W. B. Calhoun Kerber, John E., Kerber, Iveta and Lapczenski, Jon
GP 1may201May20 MswMsw 1700m Amadora L. Saez Brendan P. Walsh Claim To Fame Stable
TAM 1may201May20 WclWcl 1400m Golden Chance W. Martinez Teresa Connelly Smith, Lawrence M. and Lengel, David R.
OP 1may201May20 ClmClm 1700m Coworker S. Elliott Chris A. Hartman Quarter Pole Club VI, LLC
GP 30apr2030Apr20 MswMsw 1000m Coin the Phrase
L. Saez James J. Toner AJ Suited Racing Stable, LLC
BY MY STANDARDS, 16, m (Muqtarib): 3cs. 1° New Orleans Classic S. (G2), Oaklawn H. (G2).
MR. MONEY, 16, m (Tiznow): 4cs. 1° Indiana Derby (G3), Matt Winn S. (G3), Pat Day Mile S. presented by LG and E and KU (G3), West Virginia Derby (G3), 2° Pennsylvania Derby (G1), 4° Blame S..
WILDMAN JACK, 16, m (Orientate): 3cs. 1° Daytona S. (G3).
NEWSTOME, 17, m (Unbridled's Song): 3cs. 1° James F. Lewis III S., Mark McDermott S., 3° Pennsylvania Nursery S..
GOLDEN CANDY, 17, m (Candy Ride): 2cs. 1° First State Dash S., 2° Pennsylvania Nursery S., 3° Parx Juvenile S..
Mailman Money, 17, m (Unbridled's Song): 2cs. 4° Risen Star S. presented by Lamarque Ford (G2).
Madame Bourbon, 17, h (Leroidesanimaux): 2cs. 2° Our Dear Peggy S..
Pickens, 17, m (El Corredor): Ganador. 2° Kip Deville S., Louisiana Cup Juvenile S., 4° Louisiana Legacy S..
Goldmine Cat, 17, m (Smart Strike): Ganador. 3° OLG Simcoe S. Presented by Samuel, Son and Co. Limited, 4° Ontario Racing S..
Jax Man, 17, m (Langfuhr): Ganador. 2° Crescent City Derby.
Bano Solo, 16, m (Unbridled's Song): Ganador. 2° Golden Circle S..
Surfer Girl Cents, 16, h (Henny Hughes): 4cs. .
Malibu Mischief, 16, h (Malibu Moon): 3cs. .
Little Cents, 17, m (Belong To Me): 3cs. .
Noncents, 16, h (Limehouse): 3cs. .
Doby, 16, m (Awesome Again): 3cs. .
Valla, 16, m (Yankee Victor): 3cs. .
No Cents Left, 16, m (Lemon Drop Kid): 3cs. .
Golden Jasmine, 16, h (Horse Chestnut): 3cs. .
Love and Love, 16, h (Giant's Causeway): 2cs. .
Devils Dance, 16, h (Devil's Bag): 2cs. .
Phantom Currency, 16, m (Mr. Greeley): 2cs. .
Thousand Percent, 16, m (Prized): 2cs. .
Empire of Gold, 17, m (Empire Maker): 2cs. .
Going to Vegas, 17, h (Johannesburg): 2cs. .
Statistical Data since 2008 in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.
Horse Earnings
Goldmine Cat
3y, M USD $50.993
Golden Garter
4y, H USD $43.618
I'll Take the Gold
4y, H USD $31.182
Secret Affirmation
4y, H USD $14.070
Words of Gold
3y, H USD $9.745
Victory Cents
4y, H USD $1.108
Golden Moment
4y, C USD $548
Gold Record
4y, M USD $406
IE 365
Horse CC IE(%)
Wildman Jack
4y, C 6 28,1
Torosay 4y, C 5 25,9
Going to Vegas
3y, H 9 8,6
Big Cheddar
4y, C 5 8,4
Dyn O Mite
2y, M 1 8,4
Miss Glorious
2y, H 1 8,4
Music to My Ears
4y, M 10 8,4
Royal Aspirations
4y, M 3 8,4
Horse Broodmare Sire Result
By My Standards 4y, M , Win.S.á.G2. Muqtarib 1° Aoc ( 9Feb209Feb20, 28.200, 1 1/16m, 01.43.75, FGFair Grounds )
1° Cl (G2), Oaklawn H. ( 2May202May20, 360.000, 1 1/8m, 01.47.80, OPOaklawn Park )
Wildman Jack
4y, C , Win.S.á.G3. Orientate 1° Aoc ( 1Dec191Dec19, 31.800, 5f, 00.56.17, DMRDel Mar )
2° Aoc ( 8Nov198Nov19, 10.600, 5f, 00.55.46, DMRDel Mar )
Mr. Money
4y, M , Win.S.á.G3. Tiznow 1° Cl (G3), West Virginia Derby ( 3Aug193Aug19, 301.000, 1 1/8m, 01.50.28, MNRMountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort )
1° Cl (G3), Indiana Derby ( 13Jul1913Jul19, 285.000, 1 1/16m, 01.41.80, INDIndiana Grand Race Course )
Newstome 3y, M , Win.S.á. Unbridled's Song 1° Cl, James F. Lewis III S. ( 16Nov1916Nov19, 60.000, 6f, 01.10.65, LRLLaurel Park )
1° Cl, Mark McDermott S. ( 16Oct1916Oct19, 60.000, 6f, 01.09.68, PIDPresque Isle Downs )
Golden Candy
3y, M , Win.S.á. Candy Ride 1° Wmc ( 24Aug1924Aug19, 18.750, 5 1/2f, 01.03.95, DELDelaware Park )
3° Wmc ( 8Jul198Jul19, 2.750, 5 1/2f, 01.06.93, DELDelaware Park )
Jax Man 3y, C , Pl.S.á. Langfuhr 1° Mcl ( 26Jan2026Jan20, 10.800, 6f, 01.12.29, FGFair Grounds )
2° Cl, Crescent City Derby ( 21Mar2021Mar20, 15.000, 1 1/16m, 01.45.59, FGFair Grounds )
Mailman Money
3y, M , Pl.S.á.G2. Unbridled's Song 1° Aoc ( 12Jan2012Jan20, 24.600, 1m, 01.44.15, FGFair Grounds )
4° Cl (G2), Risen Star S. presented by Lamarque Ford ( 15Feb2015Feb20, 16.000, 1 1/8m, 01.51.28, FGFair Grounds )
Pickens 3y, M , Pl.S.á. El Corredor 2° Cl, Kip Deville S. ( 29Sep1929Sep19, 15.000, 6f, 01.09.81, RPRemington Park )
2° Cl, Louisiana Cup Juvenile S. ( 3Aug193Aug19, 10.000, 6f, 01.11.46, LADLouisiana Downs )
Madame Bourbon
3y, H , Pl.S.á. Leroidesanimaux 1° Soc ( 17Nov1917Nov19, 18.000, 1m, 01.37.37, DMRDel Mar )
1° Mcl ( 15Sep1915Sep19, 17.400, 1m, 01.37.82, GPGulfstream Park )
Goldmine Cat
3y, M , Pl.S.á. Smart Strike 3° Cl, OLG Simcoe S. Presented by Samuel, Son and Co. Limited ( 28Aug1928Aug19, 13.174, 6 1/2f, 01.18.14, WOWoodbine )
4° Cl, Ontario Racing S. ( 15Sep1915Sep19, 4.515, 5f, 00.56.85, WOWoodbine )