Full Mast 2012, USA

Mizzen Mast (Cozzene) out of Yashmak by Danzig
Colt Bay 9 yo - May 9, 2012

Imágen Referencial (Imágen Referencial)

Geographic Location

Provincia de Buenos Aires

Farm Information

Haras Chenaut

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PPAL 23jan2123Jan21 10ª 17:40 CdCd 1200m Crowdpleaser
B. Enrique Diego I. Irigoitia Quereuquén
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SSI 9jan219Jan21 CdCd 1000m Full Halo
439k L. Vai Pepe A. Colman La Miky 10°
Open Your Eyes, 18, h (Orpen): 2 figs.
Full Halo, 18, h (Southern Halo): Figuradora.
Statistical Data since 2008 in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.
Horse Earnings
Open Your Eyes 2y, H USD $1.524
Full Nostalgico
2y, M USD $295
Full Halo
2y, H USD $243
IE 365
Horse CC IE(%)
Full Halo
2y, H 2 12,0
Open Your Eyes 2y, H 2 11,4
Horse Broodmare Sire Result
Full Halo
2y, H , Pl. Southern Halo 4° Cd ( 12Dec2012Dec20, 20.000, 4 1/2f,   0.52.73, SIHipódromo de San Isidro )
Open Your Eyes 2y, H , Pl. Orpen 2° Esp ( 10Nov2010Nov20, 94.000, 4f,   0.47.42, LPHipódromo de La Plata )
4° Cd ( 11Dec2011Dec20, 28.000, 4 1/2f, 00.50.16, PALHipódromo de Palermo )