Forever Thing 2010, USA

Tapit (Pulpit) out of Liberty Flag by Kingmambo
Colt Bay 10 yo - March 10, 2010

Ganador of 3cs. and 4figs., 2º Long Branch S. (L).

Imágen Referencial (Imágen Referencial)

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Haras Puerta de Hierro

Last Results

HHCH 21mar2021Mar20 CdCd 1300m Fly My Kite
511k J. Herrera Rafael Bernal T. Los Tanderos 12°
VVSC 18mar2018Mar20 CdCd 1100m Forever Pure 432k J. Baeza Rafael Bernal T. Juan De Oro
CCHS 13mar2013Mar20 CdCd 1200m Flying Forever 422k R. Cisternas Eduardo Lab R. Los Tanderos
VVSC 11mar2011Mar20 CdCd 1000m Guerrera Sureña
459k R. Cisternas Osvaldo Urbina H. Africano
HHCH 7mar207Mar20 CdCd 1200m Perico Forever 461k J. Albornoz Patricio López P. Valpo 13°
HHCH 29feb2029Feb20 CdCd 1200m Perico Forever 471k J. Albornoz Patricio López P. Valpo
Paloma Angelica, 17, h (More Royal): Ganadora. .
Statistical Data since 2008 in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.
Horse Earnings
Paloma Angelica 2y, H USD $11.102
Current Year
Horse Earnings
Paloma Angelica 2y, H USD $9.932
IE 365
Horse CC IE(%)
Paloma Angelica 2y, H 3 20,3
Horse Broodmare Sire Result
Paloma Angelica 2y, H , Win. More Royal 1° Cd ( 8Feb208Feb20, 7.000.000, 6f, 1.12.97, HCHHipódromo Chile )
3° Cd ( 30Jan2030Jan20, 875.000, 6f, 1.13.14, HCHHipódromo Chile )