Discreetly Mine 2007, USA

Mineshaft (A.P. Indy) out of Pretty Discreet by Private Account
Colt Bay 13 yo - March 30, 2007

Ganador de 5cs. y 4 segundos en 13 presentaciones. King´s Bishop S. (G1), Amsterdam S. (G2), Risen Star S. (G2), Jersey Shore S. (G3), 2º Champagne S. (G1), Futurity S. (G2), Woody Stephens S. (G2).

Imágen Referencial (Imágen Referencial)

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Haras Lacala

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CT Today 21:23 ClmClm 1700m Gimme Kimmy K. Morales Rhea M. Pennella John Jones H.
MMAR 29may2029May20 13:45 CdCd 1200m Kendra Mine P. Menyou Victor T. Tabarez Locura Y Pasión
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CD 25may2025May20 ClmClm 1200m Mine My Time
G. Saez Gregory D. Foley Rapp, John, Andriot, Steve and Vanovich, Steve
LS 24may2024May20 AocAoc 1200m Control Stake
R. Vazquez Robertino Diodoro M and M Racing (Mike Sisk)
MMAR 24may2024May20 CdCd 1100m Rov Mine 428k J. Prestes Pedro M. Robaina Don Cacho
MMAR 24may2024May20 CdCd 1100m Over Mine
432k J. Méndez Sergio G. Dorneles Hs. Phillipson 12°
MMAR 24may2024May20 CdCd 1400m Discreet Star
432k J. Calcerrada Pedro M. Robaina Talawool
MMAR 24may2024May20 CdCd 1100m General Mine
378k C. Méndez Julio H. Abarno Don Pepe de Rio Branco
LLPI 23may2023May20 CdCd 1100m Wholly Mine
405k S. Fiorito Pablo G. González (h) Don Ricardo
LS 23may2023May20 AlwAlw 1200m Detroit Sixty Six
I. Diego Charles E. Smith Terry Propps 11°
CD 21may2021May20 ClmClm 1200m His Giant
J. Talamo Thomas M. Amoss Maggi Moss
MMAR 17may2017May20 CdCd 1300m West Point
470k J. Prestes Juan P. González No es Facil
MMAR 17may2017May20 CdCd 1300m Kendra Mine 420k P. Menyou Victor T. Tabarez Locura Y Pasión 11°
TAM 15may2015May20 ClmClm 1200m Federale A. Santos Dale Bennett Vegso Racing Stable
GG 14may2014May20 ClmClm 1700m Moonshine Annie
C. Martinez Ed Moger, Jr. Steve Moger
WRD 6may206May20 ClmClm 1600m Sunny's Funny
O. Sanchez Lucio Espiritu Susan Ambrose fikes
WRD 5may205May20 ClmClm 1100m Soul of Discretion
S. Bermudez Olivo I. Inirio Olivo Inirio I.
TAM 3may203May20 ClmClm 1600m Mr Lightning Boy
R. Feliciano Benny R. Feliciano MCR Stable, Inc.
TAM 2may202May20 ClmClm 1400m Little Guy
M. Almeida Francisco D. Machado, Jr. Julio Lopez 11°
OP 30apr2030Apr20 ClmClm 1200m Meetme At d'Street
R. Richard Paul E. Holthus Beccia, Bryan and Meyer, Chris 12°
WRD 28apr2028Apr20 ClmClm 1100m Sunny's Funny
O. Sanchez Lucio Espiritu Susan Ambrose fikes 10°
SENIOR INVESTMENT, 14, m (Deputy Commander): 4cs. 1° Harrison E. Johnson Memorial S..
WAIT A MINUTE, 16, h (Roi Normand): 4cs. 1° New York Oaks, 4° Fleet Indian S..
TRYON SUMMER, 16, h (Empire Maker): Ganadora. 1° Nellie Mae Cox S., 2° Brookmeade S..
PROPER DISCRETION, 13, h (Prized): Ganadora. 1° Michael G. Mackey Memorial Angenora S..
Classy Class, 12, m (Saarland): 3cs. 2° Arizona Downs Inaugural S..
Discreet Beauty, 16, h (Pico Central): 2cs. 2° Hoosier Breeders Sophomore S..
Federale, 17, m (Indian Charlie): 2cs. 4° Tremont S..
Control Unit, 12, m (Honour and Glory): Ganador. 3° Sian´s Gold Sprint (G3).
Shweet Persuasion, 14, m (Shuailaan): Ganador. 3° Cyclones H..
Discriminating, 16, m (Afternoon Deelites): Ganador. 2° Saskatchewan Lotteries H..
Jazzy Times, 13, m (Grand Slam): 2° Kentucky Downs Preview Turf Sprint S., Mighty Beau Overnight S..
Lady Of Discretion, 15, h (Horse Chestnut): 9cs. .
Harry's Train, 15, h (Dixieland Band): 4cs. .
Srta Murjan, 13, h (Tabasco Cat): 4cs. .
Kingsman, 16, m (Lemon Drop Kid): 3cs. .
Atalanta, 15, h (Storm Brewing): 3cs. .
J D's Girl, 16, h (Empire Maker): 3cs. .
Cascabria, 14, h (Afleet Alex): 3cs. .
Politely Crowned, 16, h (Hit the Trail): 2cs. .
She's Right Again, 14, h (Storm Cat): 2cs. .
Dig Charlie Dig, 14, m (Smart Strike): 2cs. .
Mr Lightning Boy, 12, m (Out of Place): 2cs. .
Zababa, 13, m (Dehere): 2cs. .
Sparkle O Mine, 15, h (Devil His Due): 2cs. .
Leombruno, 12, m (Wolf Power): 2cs. .
Statistical Data since 2008 in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.
Horse Earnings
Harry's Train
5y, H USD $23.916
Lady Of Discretion
5y, H USD $19.471
Kingsman 4y, M USD $13.604
7y, C USD $10.964
Atalanta 5y, H USD $10.720
Srta Murjan 7y, H USD $9.042
Sharapova Queen
8y, H USD $6.566
Mine Fast Philly
5y, H USD $5.812
Control Unit
8y, M USD $5.687
Harry's Train
5y, H USD $4.018
4y, C USD $2.707
Azienda 8y, H USD $2.175
Oklahoma Lizzie
7y, C USD $1.362
Beach Premier
8y, H USD $1.100
Little Miss Humor
6y, H USD $576
West Point
2y, M USD $327
Rov Mine 2y, M USD $317
Current Year
Horse Earnings
Kingsman 4y, M USD $4.404
Harry's Train
5y, H USD $4.384
Harry's Train
5y, H USD $4.018
West Point
2y, M USD $327
Rov Mine 2y, M USD $317
IE 365
Horse CC IE(%)
Harry's Train
5y, H 2 25,9
Lady Of Discretion
5y, H 6 10,5
Kingsman 4y, M 8 10,3
Atalanta 5y, H 10 9,4
Wholly Mine
2y, H 2 8,4
Harry's Train
5y, H 10 8,1
Horse Broodmare Sire Result
Senior Investment
6y, M , Win.S.á. Deputy Commander 1° Aoc ( 31Jan2031Jan20, 26.790, 1 1/16m, 01.43.71, LRLLaurel Park )
1° Aoc ( 29Jul1929Jul19, 24.000, 1m, 01.37.50, DELDelaware Park )
Tryon Summer
4y, H , Win.S.á. Empire Maker 1° Cl, Nellie Mae Cox S. ( 10Aug1910Aug19, 60.000, 1m, 01.38.05, CNLColonial Downs )
2° Cl, Brookmeade S. ( 7Sep197Sep19, 20.000, 1 1/8m, 01.49.29, CNLColonial Downs )
Wait a Minute
4y, H , Win.S.á. Roi Normand 1° Cl, New York Oaks ( 24Jul1924Jul19, 45.000, 1 1/16m, 01.48.17, FLFinger Lakes )
4° Cl, Fleet Indian S. ( 23Aug1923Aug19, 12.000, 1 1/8m, 01.50.63, SARSaratoga )
Proper Discretion
7y, H , Win.S.á. Prized 1° Cl, Michael G. Mackey Memorial Angenora S. ( 1Jun191Jun19, 48.750, 6f, 01.10.68, TDNThistledown )
Jazzy Times
7y, C , Pl.S.á. Grand Slam 4° Aoc ( 15Sep1915Sep19, 5.250, 5f, 00.56.55, CDChurchill Downs )
2° Cl, Kentucky Downs Preview Turf Sprint S. ( 4Aug194Aug19, 19.100, 5 1/2f, 01.00.26, ELPEllis Park )
4y, C , Pl.S.á. Afternoon Deelites 2° Cl, Saskatchewan Lotteries H. ( 19Jul1919Jul19, 948, 7f, 01.25.85, MDMarquis Downs )
3° Msw ( 1Jun191Jun19, 200, 4f, 00.46.83, MDMarquis Downs )
Shweet Persuasion
6y, C , Pl.S.á. Shuailaan 3° Cl, Cyclones H. ( 6Jul196Jul19, 6.500, 1 1/16m, 01.44.33, PRMPrairie Meadows )
1° Alw ( 30May1930May19, 28.116, 1m, 01.39.16, PRMPrairie Meadows )
Discreet Beauty
4y, H , Pl.S.á. Pico Central 2° Cl, Hoosier Breeders Sophomore S. ( 19Jun1919Jun19, 20.331, 1 1/16m, 01.46.02, INDIndiana Grand Race Course )
1° Alw ( 30Oct1930Oct19, 23.200, 6f, 01.11.05, INDIndiana Grand Race Course )
Federale 3y, M , Pl.S.á. Indian Charlie 1° Mcl ( 15Apr2015Apr20, 8.555, 6f, 01.11.95, TAMTampa Bay Downs )
4° Cl, Tremont S. ( 7Jun197Jun19, 7.500, 5 1/2f, 01.04.44, BELBelmont Park )
Control Stake
8y, C , Win. Quiet American 4° Wcl ( 8Feb208Feb20, 2.500, 6f, 01.10.94, OPOaklawn Park )
1° Aoc ( 24May2024May20, 21.240, 6f, 01.10.39, LSLone Star Park )