Silentio 2009, USA

Silent Name (Sunday Silence) out of Listen A.P. by A.P. Indy
Colt Dark Bay 12 yo - April 11, 2009
Breeder: Wertheimer et Frere

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HOU 25feb2125Feb21 MswMsw 1200m Silence d'Oro
J. Alvarez Dallas E. Keen Epona Thoroughbreds LLC
HOU 25feb2125Feb21 MswMsw 1200m Guero Dinero
R. Gutierrez Allen C. Dupuy Williams, Justin and Dupuy, Allen C. 11°
Silence d'Oro, 18, m (Old Fashioned): Ganador.
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Silence d'Oro
3y, M , Win. Old Fashioned 1° Msw ( 25Feb2125Feb21, 25.320, 6f, 01.12.13, HOUSam Houston Race Park )