Bowman's Band (1998) USA

Dixieland Band (Northern Dancer) out of Hometown Queen by Pleasant Colony
Colt Chestnut 23 yo - March 9, 1998

Dixieland Band
1980 (USA)
Northern Dancer 1961
Mississippi Mud 1973
Hometown Queen
1984 (USA)
Pleasant Colony 1978
Nijinsky Star 1980

Ben Diez, 08, m (Runaway Groom): 6cs.
Bowman's Beast, 09, m (Candy Stripes): 2cs.
Filadelfia, 08, h (Devil His Due): 2cs.
Saint Louis, 08, m (Swain): 2cs.
Statistical Data since 2008 in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.
Horse Earnings
Ben Diez 13y, M USD $18.034
Filadelfia 13y, H USD $5.240
Saint Louis 13y, M USD $4.731