Tourist (2011) USA

Tiznow (Cee's Tizzy) out of Unbridled Melody by Unbridled's Song
Colt Dark Bay 13 yo - April 10, 2011

1997 (USA)
Cee's Tizzy 1987
Cee's Song 1986
Unbridled Melody
2002 (USA)
Unbridled's Song 1993
Skye Castles 1996

B. 1997 (USA)
Cee's Tizzy
R. 1987 (USA)
1976 (USA)
In Reality 1964
Foggy Note 1965
1981 (USA)
Lyphard 1969
Tizna 1969
Cee's Song
Dk B. 1986 (USA)
Seattle Song
1981 (USA)
Seattle Slew 1974
Incantation 1965
Lonely Dancer
1975 (CAN)
Nice Dancer 1969
Sleep Lonely 1970
Unbridled Melody
Dk B. 2002 (USA)
Unbridled's Song
R. 1993 (USA)
1987 (USA)
Fappiano 1977
Gana Facil 1981
Trolley Song
1983 (USA)
Caro 1967
Lucky Spell 1971
Skye Castles
Ch. 1996 (USA)
Sky Classic
1987 (CAN)
Nijinsky II 1967
No Class 1974
My Sea Castles
1991 (USA)
Polish Navy 1984
Mysteries 1986
Seattle Slew 4Sx5D
Incantation 4Sx5D
Northern Dancer 5Sx5Sx5D

1 Dam
Unbridled Melody (USA) (h. Unbridled's Song), Winner of 3cs. and 5figs., Dam of:
MICHAEL WITH US (USA) (m. Bluegrass Cat), Winner of 5cs. and 9figs., OBS Championship S., 2º Kent S. (G3), Restoration S.
TOURIST (USA) (m. Tiznow), Winner of 6cs. and 7figs., Breeders Cup Mile (G1), Fourstardave H. (G1), More Than Ready Mile S., Sir Cat S., 2º Secretariat S. (G1), Shoemaker Mile S., (G1)., 3º Shadwell Turf Mile S. (G1), Makers 46 Mile S. (G1). , Stallion.
Tether to Reality (USA) (c. Harlan's Holiday) figuratión in 2 races in Estados Unidos, $1.630.
MOUNTAIN MUSIC MAN (USA) (c. Bluegrass Cat), Winner of 2cs. and figs., Awad S., 3º Pulpit S.
Harlan's Harmony (USA) (c. Spring at Last) Winner (1800) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $92.260. 3° English Channel S..
HARLANS HARMONY (USA) (c. Spring at Last), Winner of 2cs. and figs., Skidmore S., 3º English Channel S.
Modern Masterpiece (USA) (h. Speightstown) figuratión in 1 race in Estados Unidos, $1.200., Dam of:
Modern Sound (USA) (h. Audible) Winner to 2 yo (1100) and figs. in 6 races in Estados Unidos, $54.270.

2 Dam
Skye Castles (USA) (h. Sky Classic), Corrió 1 vez., Dam of:
Unbridled Melody (USA) (h. Unbridled's Song), see above.
Unbridled Express (USA) (m. Unbridled's Song), Winner and 3figs., 3° Hopeful S. (G1)., Stallion.
Abbeyville Miss (USA) (h. Grand Slam), No corrió., Dam of:
MIZZ MONEY (USA) (h. Mizzen Mast), Winner of 7cs. and 8figs., Allen LaCombe Memorial S., New Orleans Ladies S., Pucker Up S. (G3), Gallorette H. (G3), 2ª Northbound Pride Oaks, Wasted Tears S., Indy Star S., Daisy Devine S., Marie G. Krantz Memorial S., 3ª Monroe S., Mardi Gras S. figs. in 3 races in Estados Unidos, $23.475. 2° Wasted Tears S., 3° Monroe S..
One Mean Man (USA) (m. Mizzen Mast), Winner of 7cs. and 9figs., Keith Gee Memorial S., Woodchopper S., Jefferson Cup S., American Derby (G3), Mystic Lake Derby (L), 2º Black Gold S., Cliff Guilliams H., Arlington Classic S. (G3),Warrior Veterans S. (L), 3º Fair Grounds H. (G3), Warrior Veterans S. (L). figs. in Estados Unidos, $47.669. 2° Cliff Guilliams H., 3° Warrior Veterans S.., Stallion.
Touch of Class (USA) (h. Mizzen Mast) Winner of 3cs. (1100) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $196.275. 3° Centennial Distaff Turf Mile S. Presented by Exacta Systems, 4° Pago Hop S., Pan Zareta S..
More Of The Best (USA) (h. Langfuhr), Winner of 3cs. and 7figs., 2ª Coca-Cola Bassinet S. (L). , Dam of:
JIANGSU BOBBY (m. Shanghai Bobby) Winner of 9cs. (2 to 2yo) (1200-1600) and figs. in Chile, $52.610.500. 1° Thompson Matthews (G3), Nacional Machos Y Hembras, 2° Chango, 3° Naspur, Warrior, Lonquimay, Vagabundo, 4° I. Municipalidad De Santiago (L), Carlos Nazar Sellan, Hugo P. Bourchier, Premio Nobel.
Pavati (USA) (h. Unbridled's Song), Dam of:
PARTY BOAT (USA) (h. Into Mischief), Winner of 4cs. and 8figs., Wait a While S., Memories Of Silver S. (L), 2ª Politely S., Lake George S. (G3), Penn Oaks (L), Pebbles S. (L), 3ª Herecomesthebride S. (G3), Lake Placid S. (G2), Miss Liberty S. (L). figs. in Estados Unidos, $135.625. 2° Lake George S., Pebbles S., Politely S., 3° Lake Placid S. (G2), Miss Liberty S. (L), 4° George Rosenberger Memorial S.. Winner (1600) in 1 race in Canada, $28.596., Mare.
Ultimateenticement (USA) (c. Drosselmeyer) Winner of 3cs. (2 to 2yo) (1100-1400) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $141.936. 4° Bertram F. Bongard S..
Sky Walk (USA) (h. Unbridled's Song), Dam of:
STUNNING SKY (USA) (h. Declaration of War) Winner of 3cs. (2 to 2yo) (1700) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $333.672. 1° Pin Oak Valley View S. (G3), 2° Lake Placid S. (G2), Jersey Lilly Turf S., Saratoga Oaks Invitational S., 3° Honey Ryder S., 4° Mrs. Revere S. (G2), Exacta Systems Dueling Grounds Oaks, Sanibel Island S. presented by US Foods.
Translator (USA) (h. Posse), Dam of:
Linguistic (USA) (h. Flatter) Winner of 3cs. (1100-1200) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $238.271. 4° KY Downs Preview Mint Ladies Turf Sprint S., Queen S..

3 Dam
MY SEA CASTLES (USA) (h. Polish Navy), Winner of 4cs. and figs., Ellis Park Debutante S. (L), Clipsetta S. (L), Gowell S. (L). , Dam of:
Skye Castles (USA) (h. Sky Classic), see above.
My Dream Castles (USA) (h. Woodman), Winner and 6figs., 3ª Prix de la Cochere., Dam of:
REVE LUNAIRE (USA) (c. Hennessy), Winner of 2cs. and figs., En Francia. En Dubai. Prix Ridgway, 2° Prix de Saint-Patrick. US$ 76.355.

4 Dam
Mysteries (USA) (h. Seattle Slew), 2figs., 3° Tattersalls Musidora S. (G3)., Export to Estados Unidos., Dam of:
MY SEA CASTLES (USA) (h. Polish Navy), see above.
HISHI AKEBONO (USA) (m. Woodman), Campeón Sprinter., Winner of 6cs., Sprinters S., Swan S., 3° Keio Hai Autumn H., Mile Championship S., Silk Road S., Takamatsunomiya Hai, Yasuda Kinen. US$ 3.237.510.
Mysterial (USA) (h. Alleged), Dam of:
DUBAI DESTINATION (USA) (m. Kingmambo), Winner of 4cs., En Inglaterra. Queen Anne S. (G1), Champagne S. (G2), 2° Predominate S. US$ 378.987, Stallion.
LIBRETTIST (USA) (m. Danzig), Winner of 4cs., En Inglaterra, Midsummer S. Invictom en Francia, Prix Du Moulin de Longchamp (G1), Prix Jacques Le Marois (G1), Prix Messidor (G3). US$ 798.347., Stallion.
Slovakia (USA) (h. Danzig), Dam of:
TATRA (AUS) (c. Hussonet), Winner of 3cs., En Australia. Sandown Guineas S. (G2), Ming Dynasty H., 2° Carbine Club S. (G3), 3° Champagne S. (G1), Rosehill Guineas S. (G1), Randwick Guineas S. (G1), Up and Coming S. (G3).
SECRET NUMBER (GB) (m. Raven's Pass), Winner of 3cs., En Inglaterra y Emiratos Arabes. Cumberland Lodge S. (G3), Al Bastakiya, 3° Great Voltigeur S. (G2), UAE Derby (G2).
AGNES WORLD (USA) (m. Danzig), Winner of 6cs., En Japón, Francia e Inglaterra. Hakodate Sansai S., C.B.C. Sho, 2° Nikkan Sports Sho Shinzan Kinen, Silk Rodad S., Sprinters S., 3° Takamatsunomiya Kinen. Prix de L’Abbaye de Longchamp (G1). Darley July Cup (G1), 2° King’s Stand S. (G2). US$ 3.117.740., Stallion.
Magicalmysterykate (USA) (h. Woodman), Winner, En USA. US$ 29.490., Dam of:
Mutheeb (USA) (m. Danzig), Winner of 2cs., En Inglaterra y Dubai. 2° Mahab Al Shimaal (G3), Al Shindagha Sprint (G3). US$ 185.435.
Summer Dream Girl (USA) (h. Unbridled), Dam of:
Best of Khaled (USA) (m. Johannesburg) Winner of 5cs. (3 to 2yo) (1000-1200) and figs. in Perú, $42.126. 3° Fiestas Patrias.
Agatha (USA) (h. Distorted Humor), Dam of:
Salt Bae (USA) (h. Paynter) Winner of 4cs. (1 to 2yo) (1200) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $187.465. 2° Purple Martin S. (L), 4° Eight Belles S. presented by Kentucky Trailer (G2), Carousel S., Panthers S.., Mare.

5 Dam
PHYDILLA (FRA) (h. Lyphard), Winner of 4cs., En Francia, Prix Eclipse (G3), Prix Quincey (G3), Prix de L’Obelisque., 2° Prix Du Calvados (G3), Prix D’Astarte (G3), 3° Prix Du Palais Royal (G3). US$ 133.819., Dam of:
Shining Eyes (USA) (h. Mr. Prospector), Dam of:
Nedaarah (GB) (h. Reference Point), Winner of 2cs., En Inglaterra y Francia. US$24.384., Dam of:
Night Passion (GB) (c. Night Shift), Winner of 4cs., En Inglaterra y USA., 3° Hill Rise Stakes (L). US$ 65.530.
Symonds Inn (GB) (m. In The Wings), Winner, En Inglaterra. 3° Tote Silver Tankard S. US$ 34.500.
AGOG (IRE) (m. Singspiel), Winner of 4cs., En Francia, Prix Vulcain., 2° Prix de L’Avre. US$ 85.362.
Mysteries (USA) (h. Seattle Slew), see above.