Lookin At Lucky (2007) USA

Smart Strike (Mr. Prospector) out of Private Feeling by Belong To Me
Colt Bay 17 yo - May 27, 2007

Smart Strike
1992 (CAN)
Mr. Prospector 1970
Classy 'n Smart 1981
Private Feeling
1999 (USA)
Belong To Me 1989
Regal Feeling 1986

Smart Strike
B. 1992 (CAN)
Mr. Prospector
B. 1970 (USA)
Raise a Native
1961 (USA)
Native Dancer 1950
Raise You* 1946
Gold Digger*
1962 (USA)
Nashua 1952
Sequence 1946
Classy 'n Smart
B. 1981 (CAN)
1976 (USA)
Cyane 1959
Smartaire 1962
No Class
1974 (CAN)
Nodouble 1965
Classy Quillo 1969
Private Feeling
B. 1999 (USA)
Belong To Me
Dk B. 1989 (USA)
1977 (USA)
Northern Dancer 1961
Pas de Nom 1968
1979 (USA)
Exclusive Native 1965
Straight Deal* 1962
Regal Feeling
B. 1986 (USA)
Clever Trick
1976 (USA)
Icecapade 1969
Kankakee Miss 1967
Sharp Belle
1975 (USA)
Native Charger 1962
Sleek Dancer 1968
Raise a Native 3Sx5D
Native Dancer 4Sx5D
Northern Dancer 4Dx5D

1 Dam
Private Feeling (USA) (h. Belong To Me), Winner of 2cs. and figs., Dam of:
KENSEI (USA) (m. Mr. Greeley), Winner of 5cs. and 6figs., Jim Dandy S. (G2), Dwyer S. (G2), Salvator Mile S. (G3), 2º Derby Trial S. (G3), Duncan F. Kenner S., Majestic Light S. (L), Santana Mile S., 3º Woody Stephens S. (G2), Jerome H. (G2).
LOOKIN AT LUCKY (USA) (m. Smart Strike), Campeón 2 años, Campeón 3 años., Winner of 9cs. and 2figs., Preakness S. (G1), Izod Haskell Invitational S. (G1), Cashcall Futurity (G1), Del Mar Futurity (G1), Norfolk S. (G1), Indiana Derby (G2), Rebel S. (G2), Best Pal S. (G2), Hollywood Futurity (G1), 2º Breeders´ Cup Juvenile (G1), 3º Santa Anita Derby (G1). , Stallion.
Guts and Glory (USA) (c. Mr. Greeley) figs. in 3 races in Estados Unidos, $3.400.
Private Jet (USA) (h. Smart Strike), Dam of:
Breezy Money (USA) (c. Constitution) Winner of 8cs. (1200-1650) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $172.565.
Great Kahuna (USA) (c. Smart Strike) Winner of 3cs. (1500-1600) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $90.290. figs. in 5 races in Canada, $21.304.
No Trespassing (USA) (h. Street Cry) Winner of 2cs. (1600-1700) and figs. in 8 races in Estados Unidos, $53.320.
SHAHAMA (USA) (h. Munnings) Winner (1700) and figuratión in 4 races in Estados Unidos, $250.100. 1° Monmouth Oaks (G3), 2° Mother Goose S. (G2).

2 Dam
Regal Feeling (USA) (h. Clever Trick), Winner of 2cs. and 4figs., 2ª Bay Meadows Lassie S. (L). , Dam of:
GRAND CHARMER (USA) (h. Lord Avie), Winner of 6cs. and 9figs., Pucker Up S. (G3), Susanna Dickerson S., 2ª Palisades S. (L), 3ª Bourbonette S. (L), Regret S. (L), Nijana S. (G3). , Dam of:
Flirtatious (USA) (h. A.P. Indy), Dam of:
WAIT A WHILE (USA) (h. Maria's Mon), Ganadora de 12cs. y 7 figs., en USA. American Oaks Invitational S. (G1), Yellow Ribbon S. (G1) dos veces, Ballston Spa Handicap (G2) dos veces, Lake Placid S. (G2), Davona Dale S. (G2), San Gorgonio Handicap (G2), Sands Point S. (G3), Honey Fox Handicap (G3), Miss Grillo S. (L), 2ª Ashland S. (G1), 2ª Matriarch S. (G1), 2ª Just A Game S. (G2), 3ª Kentucky Oaks (G1), 3ª Flower Bowl Invitational S., 3ª Demoiselle S. (G2), 3ª Bonnie Miss S. US $2.181.917. , Mare.
True Feelings (USA) (h. Latent Heat), Winner of 2cs. and 4figs., 2ª Schuylerville S. (G3). , Dam of:
Royal Act (USA) (m. American Pharoah) Winner of 3cs. (1 to 2yo) (1600-1700) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $148.566. 2° Robert B. Lewis S. (G3).
FEELING MISCHIEF (USA) (h. Into Mischief) Winner of 3cs. (2 to 2yo) (1000-1400) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $118.019. 1° Sandpiper S., 2° Goldfinch S., 3° Any Limit S., Gasparilla S., Minaret S., 4° Hurricane Bertie S. (G3), Clarksville S..
Skinflint (USA) (m. Super Saver), Winner and 2figs., 3º Smooth Air S. figuratión in 2 races in Estados Unidos, $2.975.
RING MY BELL (USA) (m. Idabel), Ganador de 2cs. y fig., en Jamaica. None-Such Sprint Trophy, The Chairman´s Trophy, 3° Lotto Combo Sprint Trophy. US $21.794.
Private Feeling (USA) (h. Belong To Me), see above.
Get Smarter (USA) (c. Smart Strike), Winner of 2cs. and figs., 2º Hallandale Beach S. (L).

3 Dam
SHARP BELLE (USA) (h. Native Charger), Winner of 10cs. and 11figs., Monmouth Oaks (G1), Martha Washington H., 2ª Miss Woodford S., Lillian Russell H., 3ª Cotillion S. (G2), Jasmine S., Bonnie Miss S. , Dam of:
Lady Chatterley (USA) (h. Roberto), Winner and figs., 2ª Verziere.
Regal Feeling (USA) (h. Clever Trick), see above.
Robert Le Diable (USA) (m. Roberto), Winner and 3figs., 2º Prix Frederic De Lagrange, Prix Michel Houyvet, 3º Prix Du Haras De La Huderie.

4 Dam
Sleek Dancer (USA) (h. Northern Dancer), No corrió., Dam of:
Sleek Belle (USA) (h. Vaguely Noble), Winner and figs., Dam of:
SLEEK GOLD (USA) (m. Mr. Prospector), Winner of 3cs. and 5figs., Smithville S., Nutley S.
CHIC BELLE (USA) (h. Mr. Prospector), Winner of 12cs. and 5figs., Gold Beauty S., Highland Park S., Shirley Jones H., Starlight S., 3ª Apalachee Honey S., Test S. (G2)., Mare.
WITWATERSRAND (USA) (h. Mr. Prospector), Winner of 2cs. and 3figs., Pucker Up S. (G3), 3ª Smart Deb H., Mare.
SLEEK FEET (USA) (h. Seattle Slew), Winner of 8cs. and 10figs., Princessnesian S., Miami Springs S., 2ª Coral Gables Breeders Cup H., Falls City S. (G3).
SHARP BELLE (USA) (h. Native Charger), see above.
NORTHERN PROSPECT (USA) (m. Mr. Prospector), Ganador de 6cs., y figs., en USA. Marigold S., Marion H., Preview S., 2° Select H., 3° Great American S., Hutcheson S., True North H., Stallion.
SUE BABE (USA) (h. Mr. Prospector), Winner of 3cs. and figs., Domino S., Fashion S., 2ª Sorority S. (G1)., Dam of:
SIR HARRY LEWIS (USA) (m. Alleged), Winner of 4cs. and 6figs., Dee S., Budweiser Irish Derby (G1), 2º Lanes End John Porter S. (G3), 3º Ormonde E.b.f. S. (G3), Matchmaker International (G1), Rothmans International S. (G1), 4º Ever Ready Derby S. (G1)., Stallion.
SIR RICHARD LEWIS (USA) (m. Carr de Naskra), Winner of 4cs. and 3figs., New York Stallion S. (L), 2º Hopeful S. (G1), Long Branch S. (L), 3º Travers S. (G1), 4º Futurity S. (G1)., Stallion.
CYRANO (USA) (m. Seattle Slew), Winner of 2cs. and figs., Bertram F. Bongard S., 3º Hollywood Juvenile Championship S. (G2)., Stallion.
Our Millie (USA) (h. Mr. Prospector), Dam of:
Winloc's Millie (USA) (h. Mr. Prospector), Dam of:
Winlocs Glory Days (USA) (h. Belong To Me), Dam of:
SWEET RIVER BAINES (USA) (c. Stroll) Winner of 8cs. (1100-1200) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $292.916. 1° Roadrunner S., 2° Ft. Bliss S., 3° JR Malouff S., 4° Labor Day Weekend S..
WET YOUR WHISTLE (USA) (c. Stroll) Winner of 5cs. (1100-1200) and figs. in Estados Unidos, $380.825. 1° Belmont Turf Sprint Invitational S. (G3), Get Serious S., Karl Boyes S., 2° Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint (G1), 4° Troy S. (G3). Winner of 2cs. (1200-1400) in 2 races in Canada, $164.828. 1° Highlander S. (G1).
Im A Mosaic Rocker (USA) (h. Belong To Me), Dam of:
RANFAñOSO (ARG) (m. Cima De Triomphe) Winner of 2cs. to 2 yo (1400) and figs. in 6 races in Argentina, $718.500. 1° Manuel Anasagasti (L), 2° Raúl y Raúl E. Chevalier (G2).

5 Dam
Victorine (USA) (h. My Babu), figs., Dam of:
Sleek Dancer (USA) (h. Northern Dancer), see above.
PLEASANT BROOK (USA) (c. Intentionally), Winner of 19cs. and 27figs., New Years H., 2º Swaps H., 3º Gary H.